Emotional Healing Workbook


Want to feel lighter and freer? To drop the emotional baggage and connect with the light-hearted, easy-going, happiest part of you?

Ready to experience the freedom that comes from mastering your emotional triggers?

This workbook will show you how.

In this 17-page workbook you will receive:

  • A step by step approach to identifying your triggers, working through it cognitively and emotionally, all the way to healing through it.
  • Consider this your one-stop guide for emotional healing. You don’t have to read a dozen books every time you feel insecure or call your therapist (and your bank account would like to agree ;)), this workbook will confidently support you through past wounds.
  • Authentic support and guidance through your healing journey. This workbook is the product of several years of 1-1 client coaching, endless studying and embodying of emotional/ spiritual healing. It’s not a list of questions thrown together overnight but a process refined over years.

Before you dive into a tub of Hagen-Diaz or call a bestie to dump all your worries onto her, use this workbook to work through your emotional triggers. Your freedom awaits you.