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12 Characteristics of Extraordinarily Successful Women

If there’s one thing that makes me soo happy, it’s seeing other women flourish and live beautifully – in every area of their life. I’ve seen women who’ve made it big with their career – yet so masculine, rigid and out of touch with themselves. I’ve seen women dedicate their existence to their children – yet cranky, exhausted and on the bridge of a breakdown.

Luckily I’ve come across amazing women who really have it all together. Women who adore and raise the most intelligent and well-mannered children yet remain sane with vibrant health and energy. Women who conquer the world with their careers yet equally value the precious moments spent with their loved ones. It’s not career versus marriage. Or children versus business. The women that I really admire, have it all. It’s a magical dance of balancing it all.

The characteristics that these women embody is what I’m going to share with you. It’s the aspirational qualities that I admire and respect so much. So let’s begin:

1. They work hard

I mean really, really, really hard. They’re the kind of women who’ll put in late nights, sacrifice weekends or wake up an hour early to see they’re dreams come true. Whether it’s working for their dream body, starting a business or raising a family – they work ridiculously hard to see it through.

2. They take extraordinary care of their health 

As a result they look mesmerizingly gorgeous! Your body must be clean (free of toxins from sugar, stress, processed foods) before it can be lean. A healthy, vibrant woman can achieve extraordinary goals which simply cannot be done by a woman who is constantly tired and exhausted.

3. They take pride in their appearance

I’ve written a whole article about dressing beautifully, which you can read here. When a woman dresses beautifully, she presents a dignified and confident version of herself. Dressing your best (even at home) comes down to respecting yourself and taking pride in your appearance. You wouldn’t let your child run around in mismatched pyjamas all day, so why do that to yourself? Your equally deserving of your own love and attention.

4. They have a deep, profound connection with Allah/ greater purpose in life

Ever sat down with someone and realise all they hint at is how much money they have? Eurgh! Nothing turns me away faster from a person than being shallow. It’s not about how much you have, it’s about how much you let those things consume you. All extraordinary women have a greater purpose to their life than showing off their designer bags or furnishing their houses for the fourth time.

5. They love life 

It’s this eagerness to explore and discover something new. It’s this desire to keep expanding your mind or to keep challenging your body. It’s this need to delve deeper into your prayers and conversations with Allah.  Whether it’s visiting a new coffee shop, signing up for a fiqh course or taking a mummy and toddler yoga class – it’s about investing in your life.

6. They’re in touch with their femininity 

What is it for you that nurtures that inner need for beauty? EVERY woman has this need for beauty in her life. Some fulfil it through their love of fashion, beauty and health. For others it’s through their passion of cooking, hiking, technology, stationary etc. Whatever lights you up from the core, hold onto it. Because when you get so busy with life and forget those ‘useless’ activities, you dampen your inner glow.

7. They soul search 

When things don’t go as planned, they’re willing to take the most terrifying journey into their hearts and really ask themselves ‘Who am I kidding? What’s really going on here?’ It’s scary to sit with yourself and finally admit that it’s not working. It’s horrifying to see that your life/health/relationship/business are not working. It takes GUTS. Ridiculous amounts of guts. Most people don’t make that journey because it’s much safer to live in a bubble and pretend that everything is fine when it’s not.

8. They have the most beautiful relationships with their spouse

I had to include this point :))) Your other half counts for some of the most happiest times in your life. There’s nothing like starting into the eyes of the man you love. You might be a CEO at work during the day but when you come home, all you want is to forget the day’s troubles and cuddle up with your man sipping on chai latte. Every day make small investments in your marriage – be it a mischievous smile, a flirty comment or gentle touch – keep firing away!

9. They embrace all of life 

The good, the bad, the ugly, the funny times, the boring times, the serious times, the messy times, the crazy nights, the sleepy mornings. They embrace it all. There’s no such thing as being happy and positive all the time.

10. They’re not victims 

Shaytans biggest weapon is to make you think your the victim because then you don’t see your part in it. Women who have great lives don’t play the blame game. When reality hits them, they don’t bury their heads in the sand.

11. They’re multi-passionate

This is one quality that stood out in all the women that I look up to. They have numerous passions. Not one but many. It links back to point number 5 of loving your life. Whether you have a passion for cooking, interior design, finance or natural healing, invest your heart into all of it.

When you nurture your mind and enrich your soul, you show up as a much happier and complete woman. A woman who’s not desperately hanging onto the attention of others because you’ve given that to yourself.

12. They’re constantly learning

Whether it’s formal education or at a local library, these women are fiercely committed to their education. It’s a beautiful thing – because you can never out do your knowledge. When you know better, you’ll do better. But until you get to your desired results, immerse yourself in learning as much as you possibly can.

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  1. Loooooove this post. How I wish to be one of these women.sigh…. I’m contemplating printing out your article and hanging it on my wall
    Need to memorize these steps.
    I’m going to post this on my FB page… Really enjoyed it!

    1. Awwww your comment makes me soooo happy!

      You can absolutely be the woman that you wish to be – it’s a long, beautiful journey that we’re all on 🙂 Keep going darling, I’m sure there’s so many things that your happy with about yourself.

      JazakAllah for sharing. Have a lovely day! xx

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