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5 Daily Habits Of Happy Successful Muslim Women


1) Write down your tasks daily

Every woman needs a planner. You could use a pretty Kikki K diary or use a digital calendar – whatever works for you. Even if your schedule is the same day in, day out. Even if you’re doing the same repetitive tasks daily. Write them down daily. Every morning quickly jot down your tasks for the day. The mindset behind this is so powerful because a) it de-clutters your mind b) it reinforces that your life and time is important. Whether you’re running a 6 figure business, running after your toddlers or cooking up a feast, your time is all equally precious. Start seeing yourself as valuable – whether your folding up laundry or researching a business idea, your day is important.

2) Purify your heart

We’ve all heard of the story of the Sahabi who was from the people Jannah because he would sleep with a pure heart every night, free from any grudges or envy of others. [Musnad Ahmad, Number 12286, Sahih]

I know this can be a tough one. It took me months to even realise that I had to forgive this one person in my life. And till this day, I’m still releasing the hurt, still forgiving them because it frees me from being hurt. Trust me there have been endless tears (upon tears) and pain that was buried so deep within, which felt like my heart was being savagely teared apart. You know when you cry so much to point where you can’t even cry anymore? But forgiving them made me realise that I can finally be free from it all.

When you forgive others, let go of grudges and resentment, you become a magnet to everything you desire. When you clean up your inner world, your outer world will reflect that. I can’t tell you how many times after doing forgiveness work, unexpectedly things would fall into place – things that were completely outside of my control. When you do the inner work daily, Allah will literally rearrange people and circumstances to give you what you want.

3) Connect With Allah

What does your connection with Allah look like right now? There’s nothing like connecting, praying and surrendering to Allah. Your relationship with Allah can speak volumes about your relationship with yourself. What can you do daily to strengthen your imaan? Start where it’s easy. It could be something as simple doing your wudhu consciously instead of rushing through it. It could be finding little blessings to fill yourself up with immense gratitude to Allah. It could be calling your parents as a means to obeying the commands of Allah. It could be performing an extra nafl prayer or saying your daily duas with a conscious heart.

This is the one area of your life than can never be filled by anything else. You could do all the yoga in the world, read the best personal development books out there, meditate daily, spend quality time with your besties, happily play with your kids… as beautiful as all these things are, it doesn’t replace your connection with Allah.

4) Radiate Heart Energy

Your heart energy is that child-like, loving, sweet, open, flowing, light energy. It’s when your heart is vibrating love. It’s when you’re connected to the world around you. It’s when you’re present in your body. It’s when you feel peace. It’s when you can trust Allah, let go of the attachments and feel at peace and content with your life as it is today. (And that is the quickest way to get everything you desire).

If you can connect with your heart energy daily, you’re connecting with the highest vibration in this world: love. In that state, you’re able to let go of your fears/ worries, work on your self-love, surrender to Allah and accept your life as it is today. Acceptance is the fuel that drives your heart. It’s your ego (hello inner mean girl!) that latches onto the future, desperately begging and wishing that things would change. That needy, fear driven energy that gets you nowhere and keeps you stuck in the exact same place.

Connect with your heart energy daily. What makes you feel so grateful to be alive? What makes you feel connected to the world around you? I love, love, love gazing into the sky. Just seeing the transformation in the sky makes my jaw drop in awe of what Allah has created for us. That instantly connects me to my heart energy. Or getting super excited and grateful like a 2 year old. Watch a 2 year old play with a fridge magnet – the tiniest of things and they’re mesmerised by it. That’s the energy you want to cultivate into your life. Yes, I’m telling you to get excited like a 2 year old. We we’re never meant to grow out of it. That’s the energy that will bring miracles into your life.

5) Self-Love Time

I know this can be a difficult one. I get it. The last thing you want to do after an exhausting day of chasing your kids, rushing back from work and getting on with the daily grind, is to light up some soy candles and have a quiet bubble bath to yourself. I get it, it’s not always easy. When you’ve had an exhausting day, it’s tempting to zone out in front of the TV, snack on crappy food and make yourself feel even more crappy by numbing out. (If you loved yourself, would you really treat yourself like that?)

Here’s what I’ve personally experienced: nothing feels good if you don’t have that foundation of self-love from within. Nothing your spouse says can make you feel truly loved and adored, if you’re not already bursting with love from within. Compliments and praises from others means absolutely nothing if you’re not happy within yourself. The great thing is that self-love isn’t set in stone. Some days you’ll be able to relax and treat yourself to a luxurious epsom salt bath (soy candles, rose quarts, herbal tea… the full experience). Other days self-love is taking a few deep breaths as you’re washing the dishes. Or connecting with your heart on the way to work. Yes, some days self-love means you’re the first one up in the house and last one to sleep but taking that time out is sooo worth it.

Loving yourself is so much more than candlelit baths and spa days. It’s taking care of you and giving to yourself just as much as you give to others. You are worthy of love.

There you have it – 5 daily habits to cultivate happiness and success from within. Which habit resonates with you the most? Which habit will you begin to practise inshAllah? As always, comment below with your thoughts, stories and feedback – I love reading them.

P.s If you would like to take this further and work on strengthening your self-love, working through your inner blocks – be it limiting beliefs that are holding you back, inner mean girl chatter that’s keeping you stuck or past pain that is weighing you down, click here to find out more about the 1-1 programs that I offer. When you commit to your inner world, your outer world will always reflect that back to you.

12 Responses

  1. I love looking at the sky tooo. It makes me feel happy and constantly reminds me of the wonders and power of allah.
    Jazakallah soo much.
    This has really helped me.
    May Allah bless u.

  2. Amazing post loved it. I am a journal, planning type of girl, so getting those tasks written down really does give me a sense of ease. Purifying the heart is so important in my life, and its something I like to do constantly.

  3. Self Love and REALLY connecting with Allah are my struggles. I am in constant overwhelm, anxiety and just rushing through daily that I don’t really feel like I am enjoying life, or being a mother genuinely.

  4. Self Love and REALLY connecting with Allah are my struggles. I am in constant overwhelm, anxiety and just rushing through daily that I don’t really feel like I am enjoying life, or being a mother genuinely.

  5. I have not been planning my days since I feel I am just sahm and I have nothing interesting to do besides daily chores. But I really should. Like you said might reduce my mental load!

  6. Self love time….it is one task I skip or say I never get to do it….I think I should include this in my to-do list of the day…everyday….

  7. I love ‘purify your heart’ and ‘radiate heart energy’. I’ve been working towards achieving the other points already Alhamdulillah but these two points are often overlooked or underestimated. Jazak’Allah khayr for sharing this!

  8. Although I like to make lists when I know I’ve got a lot to do, I’ve never considered doing it on a daily basis. But now that I’ve read this, I can see why making it a regular habit would increase productivity. I’ll give it a try, inshaAllah. Xx

  9. I’m a big planner/journal girl. Although I don’t always end up finishing the whole to-do list (I overestimate my time for sure lol), but it really helps declutter the mind – and a decluttered mind has space for reflection and creativity! Otherwise you constantly feel frustration creeping in from all the overwhelm that your mind is unable to handle…

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