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5 Upgrades In Your Duas To Supercharge Your Results

Upgrading your duas to supercharge your results is about deepening your connection with Allah. It’s thinking good of Allah, willing to adjust and heal, learning to let go whilst you lovingly tie your camel. These are 5 ways that I’ve practiced within myself and my coaching clients that help supercharge the results. Let’s begin!

Little disclaimer: These are guidelines. The first 4 are not set in stone. The truth is that you can do none of these and Allah will still provide for you. Look at how much Allah gives yet you probably hadn’t asked for it (i.e. water/ air/ the ability to see, hear and taste, etc.) On the flip side, you can do everything and perhaps the timing isn’t there just yet. As always, use these as guidelines.

1) Ask + Let Go

When you raise your hands to Allah and set the intention to receive this outcome, pour your heart into speaking to Allah. Go all out in your duas. Tell Allah everything. Use the most beautiful names to call upon Allah. Express your deepest emotions and inner thoughts. And once you’re done, drop the matter. Come back into the present moment, live your fullest life here and leave the rest to Allah. Trust that Allah has this figured out for you.

Letting go is powerful as it’s a transfer of complete trust in Allah. It’s you handing over your doubt and worries to Allah. Letting go coupled with following the nudges of your soul/ that intuitive pull to do something/ to go somewhere out of the ordinary/ to say YES when you would’ve backed out/that intuitive guidance… that just happens to lead you to your dream dua. You’re never going to fully understand the path to your dream duas. It doesn’t need to make sense. It doesn’t need to be logical. Following those little callings of your soul, often leads you to the exact place you need to be to receive your dream dua.

So often with my duas, I have no idea how or when it’s going to happen. But when I ask Allah and then completely forget about it, the opportunity presents itself… the outcome comes to me instead of having to chase it. It’s those little nudges that you think are completely irrelevant to your outcome that bring you to it. At that point, I usually have to remind myself that “hey I asked Allah for this!”

Letting go works because it stops you from overthinking and obsessing over the circumstance. Once you make dua, you’re back into this moment. You’re fully appreciating where you are right now. Letting go works because you don’t talk yourself out of it. When your mind becomes obsessive over a dua, you can easily lose patience (que the frustration) and create more fear and doubt in your mind. Which in turn wavers your trust in Allah.


2) Vulnerability + Sincerity:

Ooh this is so powerful! When you stand before Allah, truly pour your heart out. I mean every part of you. Every part of your existence. Tell Allah your weakness, your pain, and your deepest yearnings. Tell Allah all of your fears, all of your doubts, all of your feelings… tell Allah everything. Vulnerability is when you stand before Allah in all of your human weaknesses and cry for help. Vulnerability is when you realise that without Allah you’re nothing. Vulnerability is when you realise how much you need Allah and that without Him, nothing is possible. It’s when you realise you need Allah more than you need this dream dua.


3) The Bigger Picture + Purpose:

What’s the bigger picture of your dua? What is it here to do? When it comes to pass, how would it serve others? How would your dream dua be a means of ease and benefit to others? Think creatively here. If your dua is to have children, they’ll be a means of pleasing Allah, children who are of service to this deen and world, who’ll bring ease and joy to your parents and family. They’ll be a means of leaving a beneficial legacy behind. If your dua is to make more money, it’ll be a means of supporting charities and causes close to your heart. It’ll allow you to give to your family, to support your spouse, to show up as a happier, more fulfilled person. If your dua is to lose weight, it’ll allow you to give more of yourself (of your support and help) to those who need it. It’ll allow you to show up happier and more confident within your marriage. Think bigger picture and the purpose behind your duas. It’s so much more than just getting what you want but creating a ripple effect of positivity that will last for generations inshaAllah. Once you’ve connected with the purpose of your dream duas, mention it to Allah.


4) Tap Into The End Feeling

This works because it takes faith to tap into the end outcome. If your duas were to happen right now, how would that feel? How excited would you be? Would your heart fill up with joy? Would your eyes overflow with tears of appreciation and relief? Would you breakdown in gratitude to Allah? Tap into that feeling now. You’re soo used to tapping into the worse outcome, believing the worst stories in your mind, letting fear run the show, so why not believe in your duas? Why not break that cycle and prepare for the best outcome? Why not build your faith in Allah? Tap into the feeling and knowing that it’s done. How light does that feel?


5) Sincerely Make Dua For Others

Yes the angels will say “and for you the same” 🙂 but do it from a place of complete sincerity. When you make dua for others, ask Allah with the same yearning as you do for yourself. With full sincerity – in your heart, you genuinely want good for them. The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) said: “No Muslim servant supplicates for his brother in his absence but that the angel says: And for you the same.” (Saheeh Muslim 2732).

P.S. If you’d like to explore further in letting go, strengthening your connection with Allah, getting aligned with your heart’s desires, working through inner hurdles that are holding you back, releasing pain from the past so that you can show up fully as the happiest version of you, click here to book in a free coaching chat.

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7 Responses

  1. You’re really doing a very very great job sister, i sincerely hope all your duas come true and may you have a healthy wealthy life Inshallah, Ameen♥

  2. Assalamualykum, your first point ” let go needs clarification ,you said make sincere dua n forget then why Yaqoob alehesalam cried so much for his son that he lost eye sight

    1. Wa Aleikum Salam,

      Of course this varies on the circumstance. Most of the advice surrounding duas that I write about are not in cases where there is imminent danger/ threat to your survival ie. dua’s in times of war/ starvation/ extreme poverty/ seeing someone in their death bed/ losing a child – the mindset that you’re in during those times of desperation/survival is very different to then making dua for a promotion/ more money/ love/ a bigger house/ more holidays when your life is pretty comfortable. Of course it all depends on your circumstance xx

  3. Beautiful explanation but some people say keep on praying keep on asking from Allah,means don’t get relaxed ask almighty Allah day n night n tahajud etc can you explain

    1. Yess sure ? So you keep asking Allah, making dua, doing all that you can but you make sure it’s coming from a place of trusting Allah. I.e. By doing all these things it should add to your faith not weaken it. It should bring you closer to Allah and not feel like you’re starting to despair even more. The journey of making dua/ waking up for tahajud etc. should bring you ease/ releif not more attachemnt to the outcome. I hope that helps xx

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