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6 Positive Steps To A Fresh Start

It happens to all of us. Plans fall apart. Dreams crumble away. Hopes come crushing down. With a heavy heart, full of sighs and confusion, we’re left to start all over again. Starting again evokes a rainbow of emotions; sadness, guilt, loneliness, fear all the way to excitement, thrill and ecstasy. One moment your flooded with excitement of all the surprises the future holds, yet the next minute loneliness and fear crushes your soul. Here I share 6 positive steps to support you in swiftly transitioning to the next chapter of your life.

1) Create a Vision Board

A vision board is great for feeling positive and excited for the future – exactly what you need for a fresh beginning. Even if you don’t know what you want your future to look like, a vision board is a great tool to help you look beyond your current situation. The key is to choose pictures that illicit a strong, heart-stirring, emotional response to you. When your days get tough or when you’re looking for that extra boost of motivation, a vision board will connect to you to your heart’s desires.

Inspired Action: Browse through the internet and collect images that spark excitement. Look for images on all areas of your focus and create a vision board that fiercely inspires you. You may create multiple visions boards categorised by each area of your life.

I’ve shared one of my many vision boards below for inspiration 😉


2) Make dua to Allah without desperation

Dua is such a powerful tool – one that you’ll need more than ever when you’re starting a new chapter in your life.

I used to think “If I make sooo much dua, it will happen, right?” Not quite so.

I was making so much dua but it was out of fear. Fear that it won’t be accepted. Fear that it won’t happen. Fear that I need ask one more time just in case it doesn’t happen. But that’s not trusting Allah. Trusting Allah is pouring your heart into dua and knowing that He will take care of it. Trusting Allah is letting your heart rest and putting your mind at ease after you’ve released your worries to Allah.

Sometimes, we can make dua to Allah without uttering a word. It’s that feeling of trust. It’s that inner certainty that He won’t let us down.

Inspired Action: Pour your heart into dua – especially at tahajjud time. Once you’ve said all that you need to say, emotionally let go of your attachment to the outcome. You may not have a clue how your future will work out. Trust that Allah will make a way for you.

3) Pursue new skills and passions

Now is the time to get your hands stuck in all the passions that bring you alive. I know it’s so easy to fill your days with checking social media and useless activities than numb you from moving forwards. But let me gently remind you…

Nothing ever good comes from sulking in your loneliness.

Nothing ever good comes from closing off and staying under the duvet all day.

There have been days where I’ve had to drag my feet and continue living a ‘normal’ life. Don’t give in to hardship. When every cell in your body wants to shut down and cry, find that little light from within. Connect with that glimmer of hope. Keep your life moving forward and explore the hobbies that make you feel better. There’s nothing worse than coming to the end of the day, knowing that you’ve achieved nothing.

Inspired Action: What passions make you feel alive? Is it cooking plant-based meals? Crafting organic, raw, sugar-free, desserts? Exploring Mediterranean cuisines? Delving into natural skincare and cruelty- free makeup? Exploring your city? Take a look on Pinterest – there are so many creative projects that you can get your hands on. This is the time to invest in your passions.

Quick reality check: Finding your dream man, bringing a little angle into this world and moving homes won’t satisfy your inner calling to express your creativity. Life may get busier but you’ll still feel the dissatisfaction inside.  Stop waiting. Stop waiting for your dream man to knock on your door before you live an exciting life. Stop waiting for your kids to grow up to start your dream project. You know it’s just another excuse.

4) Ride with the waves

Allow the sadness and grief to pass. Let there be space for your emotions to appear and gently watch them pass. Don’t get stuck in the story of ‘…why did it have to end that way? Why was I so silly to get myself in this mess?’. Feel the sadness and anger arise within, feel it fully and let them pass. Sweetheart, no feeling lasts forever.  No sadness lasts a lifetime. No confusion will stay with you forever. Stick with the process and ride with the waves.

Inspired Action: Feel what you need to feel. Allow your emotions to flow but don’t get trapped in them.

5) Be a morning person

There is so much barakah in the early hours of the day. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah made the early hours blessed for my Ummah.”(Ahmed)

If you want a free way to radiate love and happiness, rise with the sun. All the successful women I know start their day early – some even 4/5am! There is a certain peace in the morning hours that you won’t find any other time of the day. Nobody feels good waking up at 1pm. I highly suggest that you spend the morning in nourishing your self – it’s such a positive, blessed and loving way to begin your day.

Inspired Action: Pray Fajr and rise with the sun. Notice the sun’s glow and fierce beauty at the crack of dawn. Begin your day with a heart full of gratitude to Allah.

6) Turn your surroundings into a sanctuary

Our surroundings effects our mood. As you start fresh and open a new chapter in your life, bring nature and beauty into your surroundings to support this new beginning. Everything outside of you is a reflections of what’s happening inside of you – and your surroundings is no exception to that.  If your living room is cluttered, your kitchen overflowing with dishes and your bedroom cramped with unnecessary items, what does that reflect on your health, wellbeing and life?

Inspired Action: Assess your surroundings. Start with de-cluttering and swiping down all surfaces. Fill a bottle spray with vinegar and a tea spoon of baking soda. Swipe down all surfaces and then swipe again using essential oils (such as bergamot, tea tree, rose) to counteract the vinegar smell. Now cultivate your home into a beautiful sanctuary. Think fresh flowers, plants, soy candles, white bed linen, bed throw, framed quotes, beautiful display of books, large mirrors, cute cutlery… fill your home with happiness.

8 Responses

  1. Ahh this line. “Fear that I need ask one more time just in case it doesn’t happen.”
    This whole paragraph rather <3
    New beginnings are scary but scary is a big part of our life. If I'll have to take out one point of all, it would be – the barakah in mornings. Seriously, you sometimes run out of things to do if you stay up after fajr lol.

  2. Ahh, dear UMME HAFSA, missing your posts for long and looking forward to your retreat insights.
    this really hits home for me, exploring the country and reading the posts like your’s keeps my passion alive.

  3. Great tips! Why are duas not accepted? I like your perspective. Yes, we need to ask Allah without any doubt. Yet, there are more reasons as to why our dua is not accepted. Sometimes, by depriving us of what we desire, Allah SWT would be elevating our ranks in Jannah as we patiently endure. Besides not all prayers are answered immediately.

  4. Life is made of ups and downs and in downs it is up to us whether we choose to give up or we choose to stay positive. It can be hard at times but it’s better than loosing all hope.

    I like the mentioned points. May Allah reward you. Ameen. :’)

  5. I’m with Fozia on this one; I am not a morning person by any means – but I do love and appreciate this post because a fresh start can benefit so many of us! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I normally wake up in the morning even when the baby is asleep, like right now. Your vision board looks great and I agree making dua is always the best!

  7. Oh I was a morning person but after I married I became a night person. When I get up early I could get a lot of things done. But after the kids ave gone to bed and then keeping the hubby company until midnight, it’s become hard to rise early except for school days when I have to drag myself up!

  8. I am totally not a morning person! Although I am usually up as have the school runs to do I would prefer a lie in!

    Dua is the best advice….make sincere dua!

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