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Do You Feel Sad After Making Dua?

I harp on about pouring your heart into your duas as it helps with releasing any stored emotions. You pour your heart into you duas. You tell Allah everything. Yet what if you still feel low instead of uplifted? Sad instead of feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulder?

Here’s the thing, when you feel worse after making dua, there’s a good chance that it’s opening a can of worms. A can of unwanted emotions, buried feelings, unhelpful thought patterns that have been avoided and pushed away for so long.

Your duas happen to crack open that sea of repressed emotions buried all along.

Your duas, telling Allah everything, facing your fears, sitting with the emotional turmoil sometimes opens that can of worms.

But the can of worms is still there whether you open it or not. (Something my life coach recently taught me!)

Yes it feels crappy.

Yes you feel like running far away from it.

Yes you can even feel like your duas aren’t supporting you.

But it’s only shining a light to what is already within you.

It’s shining a light on the wounds that need be heard, healed and released.

So yes it can feel crappy at times. Those unsettling emotions and limiting thoughts need to come forth. They need to be heard to be challenged and released.

You can’t keep fear, desperation, neediness, anger within without it chipping away at your own soul.

You can mask it with positivity. “Yeah that’s not me. Alhumdulilah I’m good”. But when the can is cracked open, that spiral of ‘positivity’ unravels very quickly.

Emotional strength doesn’t come from just being happy all the time. The sourness in a lemonade makes it taste much better than sugared water #cheesy

If this is you, ask yourself “What are my duas here to teach me?” Is it making you a better woman? Your dreams and duas are here to strengthen you. It’s not just about receiving your duas but also the journey in which you become the woman who can emotionally sustain all that your heart desires. Yes Allah can give it right now but can you sustain it?

If there are heavy emotions coming up right now, I can almost guarantee you that recceing your duas isn’t going to solve it. Because no person or circumstance is responsible for your emotional healing.

If your feeling sad or low after your duas, see it as a calling to look within. To heal that parts of you that cannot be avoided any more

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