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How To Fall In Love With Cooking

Invest In Lots Of  Cookbooks

I literally do a little happy dance at home every time a new cookbook arrives. One of the best ways to fall in love with cooking is to immerse yourself in a variety of cookbooks. I love collecting cookbooks and flicking through for inspiration. Besides making you salivate over every recipe and dessert possible, it’ll make you feel inspired to happily cook from a place of joy and wonder.

Play Around With Seasoning

Good seasoning is what takes your meal from ‘oh nice’ to ‘yep I’ll have more of that!’. The key is to use fresh ingredients as much as possible. Stock up on basics such as a good quality olive oil, organic grass fed butter, organic vegetable stock, Himalayan salt, spices, seasoning, fresh and dried herbs.

Don’t Cook In Your Lounge Wear

Tie your hair into a messy chic top knot. Clip back your front layers and wear a cooking apron if needed. For me cooking is like a moving meditation, you want to take your time and indulge your senses. I find that I appreciate my cooking much more when I’m dressed beautifully versus in my pyjamas rushing through the motions to quickly put dinner on the table.

Give Yourself Time To Cook

I learnt to love and enjoy cooking by giving myself more time to cook. Instead of cramming it between errands and rushing around, plonking the pans and rummaging through the pantry, I slowed down. It isn’t a race against the clock. You’ll feel the difference, play with more ingredients and experiment with different spices when you’ve given yourself the time to actually relish being in the present moment.

Cook With Love

Can you guess the missing ingredient that can never be found in packaged foods and takeaways? LOVE! It’s the intention and energy behind why you’re cooking. It’s that feeling of home and comfort in a meal even if it’s not the most decadent meal you’ve tasted. Sharing food is one of the most intimate, nourishing ways that we connect with people. Let love be your fuel.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Spend a few minutes each day cleaning your kitchen and weekly organising your fridge and pantry. Make it inviting and clutter free. Let it be space that you enjoy spending time in. After all the kitchen really is the heart of your home.

Keep A Recipe Journal

I learnt this lovely idea from the blog Twenty Five Star – the post on “Why you need to own a Recipe Journal”  is so inspiring. It’s a fun enjoyable project to write down the recipes that work for you in your own special journal. Instead of bookmarking links, you have this beautiful treasure of tested recipes that work for your taste-buds.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Feeling inspired to cook from scratch three times a day isn’t always easy.  For that reason always double up your portions and meal prep ahead of time. This makes cooking so exciting as you have endless possibilities with your leftovers. For example leftover roasted veggies can be used in your omelette the next morning or tossed into a salad for lunch or mixed into a  burrito for dinner. You can always quickly throw a delicious meal together in no time!

Cooking Disasters Happen All The Time

I can’t tell you how many trays of brownies, desserts, meals that have gone straight out of the oven and into the trash. It happens. I remember feeling so disheartened after baking a healthy brownie that tasted awful. Even after slathering it with a milk chocolate bar it still tasted bitter – girl tell me how is that even possible?!?

When you’re experimenting with new recipes, new ingredients, new skills and new cuisines – yeah some of it’s going to find it’s way to the bin (unfortunately!). That’s the process – it happens to all of us. Remind yourself that it’s only food. Nothing to take personally. Okay, so nobody finished off your dessert, no big deal 🙂

14 Responses

  1. I love this post. And I love the lovely surprise in it hehe.
    I do nearly all the tips on the list, apart from one. I am ashamed to admit I cook in my lounge wear.
    But In sha Allah I will change that now.

  2. My mum had always told me that there is no way anyone will not learn to love cooking because you cook mainly for love, of your immediate family… like the husband, children and all. Also, it comes as an instinct… I never thought I will also get into it. Thanks for the tips sis, as this will further keep my interest.

  3. I collect cook books too, maybe because I generally love to read or because I like all things ‘books and words’.

    The most interesting points to me from the post are – ‘don’t cook in your lounge wear’ (hmmmmnh to that one, not sure if I can pick that habit up); and ‘keep a recipe journal’ I love every excuse to write and journal.

    Above all, a dash of love goes a lonnnggg way sprinkled with sincere intention to make a meal extra special.

  4. I love this post!!! I am a cookbook collector…but I haven’t looked at them for a while. It’s excited to find a good one nonetheless! I love your tip about not cooking in your PJs! You are so right. You have to feel the part and that part is not played in PJs!

  5. I love cooking and i loved your post. I like to tie my hair in a bum amd wear an apron too – but my cooking is juggled between replying a mesage on whatsapp, feeding a toddler and calming the other toddler while planning the way to make them eat what i am cooking and spewing story after story to them 😉 haha

    Cleaning kitchen is the last thing i usually do before going to bed bcz i like to wake up to clean kitchen.

    I have also found out that posting recipes online etc also keeps one motivated to cook.

    And i certainly belive in love being added to the food u cook, actually all emotions do. Dont the food tend to be burnt and ruined when we are angry or upset? Aways happens with me! My teacher used to advice us to be in wadu and doing zikr while cooking. I could never do that though! But i am thinkinh abt it lately

    And we believe in sharing food i want my kids to see it normal to share food with others

    I blog at

  6. Cookbooks are very tempting and easy to fall in love with, especially by seeing the pictures in it. Love the article and great to fall in love with cooking. 🙂

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