What It REALLY Means To Love Yourself


To Keep Your Heart Open At All Times 

This can be really tough. When things don’t go as planned, when we get hurt, when we want to run away from the world. As much as you want to dwell in that little place of sadness away from everyone, keep your heart open. That doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy, glowing and radiant. It means that even when you’re hurt, even when you feel like giving up, even when nothing goes to plan, you don’t give up on yourself. Fight for what you love.

To Be Gentle With Yourself 

You’re rarely going to get it the first time round. With everything – parenting, eating healthy consistently, cooking, breaking bad habits, learning new skills, making a profit from your business, leaning how to deal with people etc. it usually takes more than one round to get it right. Be gentle with your mistakes – those mistakes will give you the back bone and foundation to feel confident in yourself (for when you do get it right).

To Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

Life isn’t a race to this perfect Pinterest worthy life. You know the perfect house, the supportive husband, the adorable kids, a supermodel body, a fancy wardrobe with designer labels, tropical holidays… what happens when you finally get there? Here’s a reality check: the chase never ends. If you’re chasing and desperately wanting to be somewhere else, you’ll forever be chasing. You won’t ever be fulfilled with what you get and constantly on the go for the next thing.

If you’re single, love your single life as much as you’d love your married life. If you’re married, love your married life as much as you can’t wait to bring little angels into this world. If you’re suffering from post holiday blues, love your daily life. You’ve got to love you’re life, no matter where you are right now.

It’s no accident. You’re exactly where you are meant to be. You’re dua’s will always occur on time.

To Be Vulnerable With Yourself

Have the courage to admit your feelings to yourself. It’s the first step to healing. Being aware of your feelings and having the courage to admit to yourself that you we’re feeling jealous, threatened, competitive, inferior or hurt. Owning up to those emotions allows you to let it go. Otherwise it lingers within you and builds up.

To Take Care Of You

Emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Every part of you deserves your own love and affection. I grew up seeing women who were so religious and practising, yet neglected their need for health, appearance, self-esteem or ambition. When It came to work aspirations, I used to look up to hugely successful women only to know that they were also hugely unhappy. One of the key messages from the Inspired & Fabulous blog is that you can be it all. Passionate and feminine. Practising and sensual. A driven, motivated girl boss and a loving mama. There’s a time and place for it all. You owe it to yourself to give you that.

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6 responses to “What It REALLY Means To Love Yourself”

  1. Nasira Rahman Avatar
    Nasira Rahman

    Motivational And memorable reads always! Keep going Mashallah.

    1. Thank you for your support, happy to hear it’s been of service xx

  2. This was a perfectly timed read. I have been exploring my flight reaction to anything difficult in my life. I am trying to be more mindful and take the difficult moments as opportunities to grow.

    1. The fact that you’re aware of it is soo powerful. There’s so much healing in awareness and being mindful of when those reactions happen. Feel what comes up, give yourself the space for it and allow it to pass. What is this experience teaching you?

      Feel free to reach out if you need any more support xx

  3. Jazaakillahu khayran for this. Really inspiring.

    1. BarakAllah fee my love xx

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