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The ONE Powerful Secret To Lasting Change


This one powerful (and oh so necessary) secret helped me to go from:

1) Eating an unhealthy diet in my mid teens (think sugar crashes, junk food, rice + curry without a raw vegetable in sight) to nourishing my body with healthy, delicious whole meals without a diet mentality – it’s been years and I have no restrictions to stop eating this way (no diet to follow or calories to count!). More on this below!

2)  To healing a tough depression: At the time I had no idea about healing your inner world. But I knew that regardless of what it takes, I was going to live to see myself happy (I’m sure I mentioned that in my duas). Now 7 years later, life is soo different. There are magical moments that fill me up with so much happiness and gratitude to Allah. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it gets better ✨

3)  It’s how I healed my emotional pain – deep, heart wrenching pain. Ancestral wounds that didn’t even belong to me (Yesss! It’s possible that you’re carrying the emotional wounds of your parent’s and grandparent’s). It was like depression all over again – except this time I had the tools and support to heal through it + I was fiercely committed to my healing and growth. I knew for certain that the things that hurt you today, won’t hurt forever. That pain does heal. That on the other side of every pain is a world of happiness, a fairytale ending that you couldn’t even imagine.

When I look back at all the times I’ve changed my life, it comes down to one thing (almost like a pre-step). It was that…

I was willing. I was open. I was receptive.

Before you roll your eyes, spit out your organic green tea and think “Is that it?” Yes, that’s it my love.

I was willing to change.

Here’s my promise to you: for as long as you’re willing and open to change, the path will appear.

If you’re willing.

If you’re willing to face your deepest fears.

If you’re willing to accept the darkest parts of your soul.

That maybe the solution isn’t out there but within yourself.

If you’re willing to see that the solution lies beyond other people/ circumstances changing (and in doing so the people and circumstances change).

The answers will present themselves. Allah will show you the path – you will find your way for as long as you stay open, willing and soft hearted. That’s all.

When I fell into depression, I had no idea of the depth of pain and darkness that I was engulfed in. It was like everything I had came crushing down. But I was willing to do anything it takes (so long as it was halal) to get myself out of it.

In my mid teens, after I made the decision to get healthier, it took me almost a year to start eating fresh salads (because I hated the texture of raw foods). There was no such thing as ‘health coaches’ or  Instagram (Oh hey! Remember those days? 😉 ) I had no idea what I was doing but I was willing, willing to change.

And in doing so, the path became clear.

And lastly, as I was healing through my emotional wounds (childhood wounds, ancestral wounds, the crap and fear that society ingrains in you from birth etc.) I was willing to stay the course, no matter how much it hurt and how long it took. I was willing to heal my deepest wounds.

As you make that commitment to yourself, the next steps will present itself when you show up fully, whole heartedly in this moment.

The path to lasting change will become clear, for as long as you stay willing, open hearted, receptive and soft hearted. Are you willing to be open? Are you willing to stay the course even when it brings out your darkest fears? Are you willing to heal even when it’s gut wrenchingly painful?

P.S. In case we haven’t met…

I’m a Beautiful You life coach + Alimyyah graduate + self-love advocate + happiness seeker + all round wellness junkie. I work with incredible Muslim Women (like you) who are seeking to create a beautiful life, infused with deep love, fiercely connecting with your heart to manifest your wildest dreams.

I gently walk you through limiting beliefs, mindset shifts and challenge deeply held fears with gentle accountability and lots of giggles. It’s not all so serious ; )

If you’d like to rediscover the zest and passion you once embodied for life, head over here and book in a free 30 min coaching chat. You’ll leave the session:

  •  With a crystal clear written plan on your next inspired and heartfelt action steps (gone are the days of taking massive, random actions and going 3 steps back – yeah I’ve been there before!)
  • Uncover any limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs or thoughts that are blocking you from receiving more  (because you’re expectations with Allah make a difference).

Email me here if you feel a heck YEAH in your heart or use this link to schedule in a powerful, transformative 30 min coaching session.

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