The ONE Way To Become Fiercely Magnetic To Others

On April 22nd in Bali, Indonesia, I sat amongst a group of wonderful, soulful women. Think flowers in your hair, lush rainforests and tall coconut palm trees, hidden pathways, blissful waterfalls pounding the rocks, vegan-gluten free buffet whilst soaking up wisdom and being mesmerised by incredible female speakers and instructors.

One particular speaker really stood out to me.  I was completely mesmerised and blown away by the way she carried herself. Her energy and presence was contagious! She stood up on the stage and her presence filled the entire room. Each and every one of us, were listening so attentively. That’s what happens when you glowy from within. You literally light up an entire room.

Do you know what surprised me the most?

This woman wasn’t a size 6.

She didn’t have a Victoria’s Secret body or even your average, ‘normal’ size. But she was fiercely glowing. Magnetically radiant. Overflowing with heartfelt confidence.

As I watched her I kept thinking ‘oh my gosh that is the power of a woman who has fully accepted and owned her worth’. A woman who is super present within her body, so attentive to the present moment that she brings YOU into the present moment.

Her presence inspires you to get out of your mind, leave the conversation with your inner mean girl and come into the present moment.

Do you know what’s so magnetic about a woman like this?

When you speak to her she’s not up in her mind thinking ‘ugh I look so fat in this’ or ‘I need to pull my stomach in’ or ‘oh no, what do I say now? why do I sound so silly?’ She’s fully present in the here and now – owning every part of her.

confidenceWhilst I’m fully committed to nourishing my body with whole foods, exercising with love, developing a healthy, abundant relationship with food and stressing less, this event was a reminder that owning your worth has no physical restriction.

How often do you say to yourself ‘once I get defined abs, a perky tush and clear skin, I’ll feel confident in myself’ or ‘once I fit into that hot dress, I’ll be happy with my body’.

You can feel gorgeous, sensual and confident at a size 6 or 16.

Own your body. Feel vibrant and alive in every cell of your glorious body.  When you begin to omit that confident, sensual, self-accepting vibe,  the people around you become  magnetised by your energy, so much that they aren’t even focusing on your ‘flaws’ because you aren’t either.

So beautiful, now it’s over to you. What is your relationship like with your body? Is your mean girl telling you that you need steel cut abs before you can feel a certain way? Also what are you tips on body confidence? I would love to hear them as would the thousand of other women who visit this blog. Thank you so much for showing up and sharing your light to this world x


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  1. I just love your blog! and boy do i really long to be this type of women. I believe its doable with time, I am working on body confidence, and what I have been doing is understanding more what I put in my body, and from there I can ask “Are you loving yourself eating this sugar that feeds cancer cells?” lol it helps me focus on the here and now, and process of being healthy which eventually gets me to my goal, and certainly helps with my confidence level.

  2. How apropos this post is! Just today I wrote that I think I’m beginning to repair my damaged relationship with my body. I’ve been talking about it for a few years now, but I think I may finally be doing it. Thanks for this post! It was a great reinforcement for me and I’m sure many others

  3. You’re completely right, you don’t have to be a certain size to feel confident in yourself.

  4. Masha Allah. I have a friend who matches your radiant friend from Bali. 🙂 When she speaks she draws attention without any effort. She knows her ‘flaws’ but when it comes to expressing her views she has absolutely nothing holding her back! I have seen people going blank in front of her. THIS IS BECAUSE OF HER STRONG FAITH. SHE KNOWS ISLAM IS PERFECT AND DOESN’T NEED TO BE DEFENDED. Even those who argue with me about something or other wouldn’t dare question her!!

    1. Amazing! She sounds like a great woman mashaAllah 🙂

  5. Amina Avatar

    How timely!

    ‘Energy and presence’, just what I need to remember as I prepare for a talk with sisters tomorrow.

    Dressing up for yourself helps boost self confidence – rather than wear what you feel should be worn or what others are wearing. Define your style putting in mind comfort, personality and what appeals to you.

    1. It’s funny how dressing up can make such a difference to our mood and energy but it does!

  6. I am unsure…at times I dont care about it but at other I feel so conscious about my mummy tummy and want to get rid of it but then there are times I’d just be like who cares and become lazy. So it keeps varying. But in the country I live in, I dont think people are really bothered about appearances

  7. So interesting you mention this, I’m always telling myself that eventually when i get to a certain weight…then I’ll do this, this, this..but in reality, even when I was at that ideal weight pre-pregnancy, I still wasn’t satisfied. Thank you for encouraging us to accept ourselves as we are, at this moment <3

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 Inner, lasting satisfaction needs to come from within x

  8. Masha’Allah she sounds like a beautiful person. A lot of women are so obsessed by their looks that they lose their confidence. Totally agree with this: When you begin to omit that confident, sensual, self-accepting vibe, the people around you become magnetised by your energy, so much that they aren’t even focusing on your ‘flaws’ because you aren’t either.

    Sadly though todays society has so much emphasis over looks

    1. She is a beautiful person 🙂 MashaAllah. It’s really sad that our society is driven the complete opposite way… insecurities, obsession with looks overriding inner worth.

  9. Confidence is necessary for us and it is true that it is not restricted to size,complexion and beauty…your good attitude and values are also a must to have……Islamic teachings and values provides the woman a real confidence..

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