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Weekly Inspiration – Peek Into My Life

I’ve been thinking of doing blog posts like these for a while – where I share a weekly quote/affirmation based on my current personal/work life. Simply because I get the dreaded question of ‘what do you actually do?’ or ‘tell me more about yourself’ :)) I’ll be using the quote/affirmation as a gentle reminder to set the tone and focus of my week, hopefully it’ll be an inspiration to you too!

The quote for this week is:


If there’s one word that can describe the last few months of my life, it’s PRESSURE. I think we all know that feeling. It’s the constant pressure to be perfect in everything, to constantly be happy, to constantly have grand plans and give off this image of an impeccable life. This week being amongst the last 10 days of Ramadan, I felt the pressure much more. The pressure to stay up all night in worship, wake up early to work, remain incredibly active during ramadan and cook up a delicious feast every iftar. Any time I’d sleep/rest extra, I’d feel so guilty over it, as though I wasn’t utilizing ramadan to the best.

I wrote about this on facebook and one of my lovely followers wrote the message above (which I thought was incredible!). This week I’m focusing on building my self-worth from within. Not tying my worth to my work, productivity or external standards. Reminding myself that even if I choose to spend a whole day (or week) doing nothing, I’m still worthy of my own love and appreciation. I hope this resonates with you, as I know this ‘never good enough’ syndrome is something we commonly face. Have a blessed and wonderful week inshaAllah!

15 Responses

  1. i love that quote. but sometimes, what we do is a reflection of our decisions and choices. but, we are always worth the love.

  2. Ah pressure…

    We need just enough to thrive because – too much of everything is bad.

    We need to learn to tune in to our inner working, take things easy and be flexible with how life turns out.

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