When Trusting Allah Feels Hard – Read This

As beautiful as it feels to fully trust and surrender to Allah, somedays it can take quite a moment to fully embody it. Your trust in Allah is a moment to moment state not an end pot of gold that you hoard. One day you might be walking on miracles and the next day questioning your worth. Your duas might be answered overnight in some areas of your life and take much longer in others.

When it begins to feel hard or you’re struggling to make sense of it, I wrote this post for you. Make yourself comfy and let’s begin!

 1. Focus On Where You Are In Your Life Right Now

When trusting Allah feels hard, it’s often related to the future or something outside of your control. You start to worry when you’re not present. You drop into fear when you’re not present. And in fear, you can’t see a way out.

Your mind is everywhere but here.

Here’s the thing, you can’t be obsessively thinking about the future/a specific person/ a certain issue without neglecting your own emotional needs. Getting preoccupied with any of these is a way to bypass and abandon your heart’s needs. Put it this way, who’s thinking about you when you’re obsessively thinking about others?

In your highest self, you’re not obsessively thinking about a person or fretting over their opinion. You’re not fidgeting your thumbs and worrying about the future. You’re not replaying the past over and over again.

In your highest self, you’re content with Allah’s decree. You’re connected to your heart’s needs and showing up for her.

What’s being presented in front of you? What is this moment holding space for? What do you want to put your heart and focus into? What is Allah asking from you? When the future feels blurry, bring your focus back to you, here in this moment. When you’re present and truly nourishing your life (not feeling lack or fear), things tend to work themselves out.

2. Don’t Succumb To Negative Thinking

Look around. Look around your surroundings, your lifestyle, your money, your relationships. If you’re not happy with the way things are, this ain’t it for you. This is not the end for you. With a heart full of gratitude to Allah, appreciate your life but be bold enough to know that you’re meant for more.

What’s happened in the past does not determine what’s coming your way. The truth is that Allah can make every limitation, every circumstance, every impossibility, every closed door work in your favour.

“… Surely Allah is Most Capable of everything.” (Surah Baqarah, 109)

As a life coach, I want you to watch out for black or white, doomsday thinking. I call it the sulking inner child. It’s when your mind looks towards the dread of the past to determine your future. Like a sulking child, wallowing in their hurt. “It’s been so long, will it ever happen? Why is Allah testing me?” The sulking inner child is scared and can’t see beyond this moment. And it’s for you to nurture and comfort that part of you. You give to yourself what you’re looking for out there. See your life as it is today without feeling disheartened but knowing that it’s not going to be like this forever.

“If Allah intends good for someone, then he afflicts him with trials.” (Bukhari 5645)

3. Tend To Your Heart

When trusting Allah feels hard, there’s a good chance that your heart is going through a whirlwind of it’s own.

  • First, let yourself feel whatever is coming up.
  • Second, don’t drown in it.

Let yourself feel through all the emotions that comes up. Suppressing/ numbing/ avoiding/ distracting yourself from feeling the feelings only prolongs your healing.

At the same time, don’t let those emotions overstay.

Emotions come and pass. They only overstay when you become attached to the story. In attachment, you’re not actually feeling the feelings – you’re repeating the story, analysing the situation, creating more stories, overthinking a million more times but when you’re stuck in your mind, you’re not actually feeling the feelings. Feel what your heart is going through, be patient with yourself but also know when your mind is prolonging the pain.

Another practise that I love is checking in with the state of your heart daily. “What does my heart need from me today?” Tune in, it’ll very often start off as an emotional need that branches into physical steps.

Your heart is feeling down? Reassure yourself that Allah is with you. You’re feeling overwhelmed? Okay honey, I’ve got you. It’s a tough day and you can’t seem to shake it off? Okay, I’m here for you, we’ll make sense of it somehow. You might follow it up with a prolonged dua, calling your bestie or a walk in nature. You get the picture ;))

By tending to your heart’s needs, you begin to create a loving relationship with yourself. It’s a beautiful sense of presence and unconditional commitment to yourself. Which is then reflected back to you in your outer world, unsurprisingly when you’re least needing it.

4. Embody The End

Everyday, find some time to disconnect from this reality. I use the word ‘reality’ with hesitation because it’s not really real at all. Your view of reality is a fractured perception of what’s actually happening. There is so much that you’re not seeing or hearing in this reality, such as:

– All the conversations that are happening around you to bring you where you want to be
– The thoughts and feelings of others that are changing and aligning to your desires
– The way Allah has protected you from harm that you weren’t even aware of
– The way Allah is moving people and opportunities all over the world to bring your duas and rizq to you
– The joy and surprises that Allah has in store for you in this life
– The rewards and blessings that await for you in the next

Every day, spend some time switching off from the limitations of this current reality. Whether that’s a prolonged dua, visualising before you sleep, dreaming about your desires, put your heart into what you do want.

5. Get Consistent Support

Imagine standing at the top of a staircase and throwing down a pinball. Your job is to stop that pinball from spiralling down to rock bottom.

Triggers happen. You’re going to be tested in this life. Like a wave, your trust in Allah will rise and sometimes weaken. The key is to not let it spiral out of control. This is where getting support becomes so powerful. What could take a few months to come out of could now take a few weeks to a few days with consistent support. It doesn’t have to take forever to heal. If this resonates with you and you’d like 1-1 coaching support, have a look at my coaching offers here.

When trusting Allah feels hard, the key is to strengthen your faith piece by piece. It’ll rarely happen over night but day by day. Trigger by trigger. Moment by moment.  And when you do fall off or get triggered, seek out support and come back to the truth. That Allah is supporting you. That you’re going to be okay. 

6. Persist In Faith

In faith not worry. When it comes to trusting Allah and any inner work, it can be easy to think you’re doing all the right things. Unlike going to the gym or saving money, you can’t quantify it. You can’t touch it with your hands or physically make sense of it. It’s very easy to then think that you’re doing all the right things but still be living in fear, lack and doubt.

So persist in trusting and surrendering to Allah but be equally honest with yourself to see if you’re embodying and implementing the inner work. Is there a shift in your state? Is your heart beginning to soften and feel hopeful? Can you see beyond this reality? Are you no longer reacting to what’s happening out there? Persist in your healing journey, you will get there. Knowing and trusting that if Allah has guided you to ask Him for a dua from the depth of your heart, He will give you the means for it. Keep your heart open and persist in faith.  

P.s. If you’d like further 1-1 support to call in your deepest desires, strengthen your self-love and begin to feel at home, connected within yourself, have a look at my 3 months coaching program here. Limited spaces apply x



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  1. Asalamualkum I’m so glad I found you, my heart really needed to hear all of this may Allah bless you with so much!
    I definitely will use all of this and work it into my daily routine!
    Jazak allah khayer!

  2. Iqra Javed Avatar
    Iqra Javed

    Very helpful post. Jazak Allah khayer for your kind Gesture. May Allah bless you more so that you could write more for us💖

    1. Ameen, barakAllah fee 💗 💗

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