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On Trusting + Dua + Surrendering To Allah

From my social media posts (Facebook + Instagram) I’ve compiled a few of my notes here. I pour my absolute heart into these posts, and the fleeting nature of social media means that once a post is published, after the initial reach, it doesn’t get viewed again unless someone scrolls back. So I thought I’d collect a few notes here around a specific topic (perhaps I’ll do this every second month or so) – bookmark this page. You know when you’re going through a rough time and you need support, uplifting words or just something to get you through… this is what this blogpost is for.


The truth is you don’t have a clue of what Allah is capable of doing. Not a clue. We really don’t have a clue of what Allah is capable of doing.

Your faith, your dua can change what might seem logically impossible. Your dua can defy reality. We know that – from the miracles of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them them), all the way to the mother who lifted a 3000lbs vehicle to save her trapped child.

We are living in a world surrounded by miracles. An entire universe of miracles. That’s the certainty, hope and faith you need to take into your duas.

How do you take this knowledge and apply it into your life?

Drop the expectations. Let go of the logical conditions that your mind has decided upon. Let go of your mind’s obsessive need to figure how everything is going to work out because there’s a plan greater than yours. You do not know the chain of events that Allah has planned out for you.

Trust that Allah can make a way out for you, quicker and easier than you imagined even when everything in reality tells you otherwise. Faith in Allah regardless of what you see. Faith in your duas regardless of what happens out there.

You’ve got to believe it before you see it.

Faith in what you can’t see today, tomorrow but one day. Ask Allah every day for what you want and remember that a ‘no’ today does not mean a ‘no’ tomorrow.

Beyond getting your duas answered is this most sweetest journey of getting closer to Allah in the process. That sweetness of faith which will be so dear to you – nothing is more rewarding than knowing that you believed when people said it’s impossible. You believed in the power of Allah even when there was nothing in this world to prove it to you.


When it comes to your duas, timing is KEY. You won’t ever tell a 6 month old baby ‘you know what sweetheart, just forget about walking, I can’t see any signs of you walking and I don’t think it’s meant for you’. Crazy, right?

Timing is key. If you pluck a fruit too early, you lose it’s sweetness. It’s true that Allah can make anything happen in an instant, but it’s in your favour to wait out the process. You might think you’re ready but it might take a few more years and few more lessons in life before you’re actually ready.

Remember that when it comes, it’ll be perfect. Allah is not only preparing you to receive what you want but to also keep it. Often those overnight successes and rushing into things don’t last very long for the reason that you don’t know how to emotionally, physically and spiritually maintain it.

Timing is key. You need time to grow. You need space to flourish. Having everything you want soo quickly and instantly might seem like a pleasing idea but it can mess you up just as quickly as you got it.

Miracles and instant dua responses do happen all the time, though for some things you might have to wait it out for the perfect moment ✨ In the meantime, bloom where you are planted ?


Have you ever sat with someone and they were sooo desperate for your attention? Like they wanted your attention soo much yet they were so far from getting it. Desperation + neediness pushes people away.

Your desires are no different. Placing your duas and dreams on an abnormal pedestal pushes it away. Let go of needing it. Let go of centring your life, existence and happiness around getting it.

When you’re bursting with happiness and gratitude to Allah in the present moment, to the point where you’re not obsessively thinking about what you were making dua for (i.e. the future), that’s usually when you get what you’re seeking.

Let go of needing it. I know how much you want things to work out. I completely get that feeling of wanting something amazing (from the future) to happen right now. Be relaxed about it. If it happens, alhumdulilah. If it doesn’t… yeah you’ll be a little upset, grateful for everything you did have and alhumduiliah for all that it coming your way.


Trusting Allah doesn’t mean you’ll get everything you pray for. Sometimes you will. Sometimes it’ll take much longer. Sometimes it’ll take a lifetime. And sometimes you won’t. Sometimes you’ll get something so much better than you prayed for. Sometimes you might stop wanting it. Sometimes you might not see it in this world.

And that’s okay.

When you ask Allah with certainty that He will respond to your duas, He absolutely will. How, when and what that looks like is a magnificent journey of surrendering, accepting and letting go. Tap into your heart, because you will know when it’s time to let go or to keep begging Allah for what you’re heart truly desires.

Asking Allah with certainty doesn’t mean you’ll get exactly what you want all of the time. It means that whatever you receive you’ll be full of joy, content, inner happiness because you weren’t attached to getting the outcome in the first place.


Replace your want, neediness and longing for something to happen with surrendering to Allah’s decree.

Wanting/ needing/ longing = (often) comes from lack/ doubt/ emptiness from within. When you surrender, you let go of the how and when, because none of those things will ever be in your control. You will never ever know how and exactly when your duas will be answered.

As you’ll never know, what other better option do you have but to be at peace and content with all that Allah has decreed for you? Here’s what’s really beautiful: when you’re in this energy of trusting Allah and surrendering (the opposite of being desperate for something), it all comes together for you. Allah has a greater plan that goes far beyond the plan you have for yourself.

Nothing ever good comes from desperation. Desperation says “I need this to happen right now” because you don’t trust that Allah will bring it to you (or better) at the right time. Or you think you know better than what Allah has decreed for you.

Being desperate/ clingy for anything in this magnificent world is a recipe for disaster. You can still ask Allah abundantly for all that your heart desires whilst surrendering to Him. You can still get butterflies or tears in your duas as you speak and ask Allah whilst being fully content with where you are in your life today. Desperation says “I can’t live without this” – this constant longing to be elsewhere. Where as with surrendering, you’re not running away from anything. You’re not holding your duas as this fairy tale dreamland pedestal – that when it happens you’ll never feel sadness again and life will be perfect – except that it won’t.

For most of us, we have to get to that place FIRST and then BHAM amazingly everything falls into place. Even if your duas take a lifetime to appear, you haven’t missed out on anything.


Got some really exciting news today and it made me realise that you might spend months and years in preparation. Years of visioning, working on your self-love, releasing your fears, forgiveness work, mindset work, your trust in Allah, making abundant dua, surrendering and letting go… it might take years but when it does happen, it’ll happen in the most beautiful way… just like that ?It all falls into place. The most perfect place for you to be is where you are right now – through that love and acceptance you’re able to bring about massive change.


Trusting Allah doesn’t mean being happy all the time.

With. Every. Single. Coaching client I’ve ever had there’s one thing that I’ve told them all – “You’ve got to feel your emotions”. There’s no way around it. You’ve got to feel it to heal it.

You can cry. You can scream. You can get jealous. You can feel resentment. You can get angry. You’re allowed to feel whatever comes for you.

But don’t let it weaken your faith in Allah.

Don’t dwell on your sadness. Feel it. But don’t weave a story out of it. Don’t get carried away with the stories that you ego/nafs is telling you.

You can get angry and still trust that Allah will get you through this. You can be crying until you can cry no more and still trust that Allah will make a way out for you.

When the pain gets too much, remember that there is nothing in this world that can break you. The sun will rise. The bone will mend and we will try again.


Anytime you doubt Allah, that doubt exists within you first and foremost. It’s not that your duas/ dreams are too poweful for Allah, that He has to rearrange so much for it happen but…. that you don’t believe that He will swiftly make it happen for you. Whether you ask Allah for a penny or a million pounds, the process is the same but your belief isn’t. It doesn’t take Allah any more power to answer your deepest duas than it does for Allah to provide you with food and shelter (which you have no doubt about receiving it). As a self-love + happiness + life coach, that is what I work on – healing your relationship with yourself so that you can realise those blocks that are creating doubt within you and you’re relationship with Allah. If you’re wondering why you’re duas are taking so long to appear, look at your self-love, look at where your coming from (fear or love/need or want/ addiction or attraction), look at whether your beliefs and actions show that you actually trust in Allah.


What you think is falling apart is actually being rearranged by Allah to give you what you ultimately want. Ultimately – not today, not even this week or a month but for a lifetime. Hang in there just a little longer ?


Let go of planning your life till the end.

Let go of always wanting to know where this will take you.

Let go of always trying to get something from this.

I’m telling you the beauty is in not knowing. You could be one step away from reaching your biggest income yet, one month away from meeting your soul mate, a few weeks away from the happiest days to come, 5 minutes away before the miracle happens… your future is limitless.

I’m telling you the beauty is in not knowing.

I’m telling you that in every given moment in your life you will always, always be guided and supported by Allah.


The days that you trust Allah the most are those days when you’re not even thinking about your worries/ future/ past regrets/ duas etc. Because you’re fully present in the moment in front of you – fully absorbed and happy with where you are right now. That’s why I harp on about happiness – the day that you’re able to happily accept Allah’s decree is also the day where everything you desire comes rushing to you ✨

P.s. If you’d like to explore further in letting go, strengthening your connection with Allah, getting aligned with your heart’s desires, working through any inner hurdles that are holding you back, releasing pain from the past so that you can show up fully as the happiest version of you, click here to book in a free 30 min coaching chat x

29 Responses

  1. So if I understand is a No now not always a no even when it seems like there isn’t a outway. And that it is also not a yes, but that you need to leave it in Allah’s hand. And try to not worry about the dua you make. Give it to Allah and live your life on this moment?

  2. So if I understand is a No now not always a no even when it seems like there isn’t a outway. And that it is also not a yes, but that you need to leave it in Allah’s hand. And try to not worry about the dua you make. Give it to Allah and live your life on this moment?

  3. Beautiful article mashallah. I have such a huge huge problem with being negative and anxious and always wanting things since childhood and still now I can just relax and let go when my problems is in my face 24/7. I just can’t do it tried but can’t I tired even to take care of my diet to help with my anxiety and depression but that’s also a never ending problem. May Allah help me

    1. I so needed this. I am having a lot of trouble letting go of a particular dua. I prayed Istikhara. I went to Umrah and made this dua in front of the Kabah, I have started waking up for Tahajjud, and make dua during all the times duas have the most potential to be answered. I have tried countless times to let go but my heart just boomerangs back to the same dua. I can see the reality of it of not being answered and I can see the whys. Everyone is asking me to let go and I know I should but for some reason I cannot. I am exhausted by this constant tug of war between what I know and what I feel. Your article explained things so beautifully. I just pray that I can apply it in my life. I have never had so much conviction in a dua but I also can see it not getting answered. Please make dua for me that Allah guides me to what is good. Jazakallahu Khairan for the write-up once again.

      1. salam alaikoum i have the same as you. do you have instagram or another socials so i can message you. and how you did it? i hope you reply and see my message.

      2. Wa Aleikum Salam,

        BarakAllah fee 💗 I’m glad to hear that it’s helping you. In this moment, see what is being asked from you, i.e Is it to surrender? To think better of the situation/ to relax and trust more? Etc. To answer your other message, my instagram and facebook account is @inspiredandfabulous if you’d like to message there xx

  4. i love it!! but throughout reading it, something pops into my mind; is it okay for me to say that i dont want my dream (something that ive been longing for since i was a kid) to happen here in dunya? i mean i once told myself that i wanna save this dream of mine for the Hereafter.. i dont know how to arrange my words for this – is this should be a question or i dont know HAHA so complicated though but i kinda need answers to my opinion about my dream, so im hoping for your help hehe. x

    1. hehehe okay I’m guessing it’s something that can happen in this world, so why not make dua for both? To get it in this world and the akhirah. If it’s something that you really, only want in Jannah, then keep focusing on that – i.e. that you want it to happen in the hereafter as opposed to making dua for it to not happen here, focus on that you want X to happen in Jannah. Does that help? hehe xx

  5. “Trusting Allah doesn’t mean being happy all the time.

    You can get angry and still trust that Allah will get you through this. You can be crying until you can cry no more and still trust that Allah will make a way out for you.”

    We often tend to forget this. Jazak’Allah khayr for this much needed reminder.

  6. Submit and let go, let Allah do the work. It took me a while to figure this one out. Having faith is trusting in Allah to know what is best for us. I remember crying my heart out in sujood and telling Allah I could not do it anymore, I submit, please Allah takes over because I am weak, you know what is best for me. It was such a relief and a comforting and secure feeling to have in the heart. When the test is over and life goes on and another test is thrown my way, I forget to let go, we get so immersed in our calamity or test until once again it hits you. Allah I cant I submit to your will.

    I really love your article. It really touched me because I have been reading a lot about Dua and Trust and your article affirms what I have been reading. Jazkallah Khair

    1. Alhumdulilah ? Your experience is soo relatable and honest – It is that journey of coming back to surrendering to Allah regardless if it’s coming from ease or hardship x

  7. Oh this is such a good idea masha’Allah. Yes social media is fleeting and often posts get missed too. At least here it is easy to get back to and reflect.

    1. Yeah each social media post takes a while (as I’m sure you’re aware), so it’s nice to have it collected in one place, which can be referred to again and again inshaAllah xx

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